Scholarly Publishing Tech Con 2024

Our digital conference is intended to provide impetus and inspiration to prepare for this process. Get ready for the future of scholarly publishing!
15. Mai 2024 17:00 Uhr


The shift towards open access models, the pressing demand for diversity and inclusivity as well as the significant increase in submissions and publications are challenging the established frameworks and procedures of traditional publishing. Like almost all industries, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the field of scholarly communication. Even if the outcome of this development is unclear: By adopting a modern technology infrastructure, scholarly publishers can better meet the needs of the research community, foster open and efficient communication of scientific knowledge, and ensure the sustainability and growth of their operations in the digital era. Our digital conference is intended to provide impetus and inspiration to prepare for this process. Get ready for the future of scholarly publishing!


  • Matthias Kraus, Florian Kirschner (Fabasoft Xpublisher Inc.), Bill Kasdorf (Publishing Technology Partners), Daniel Lenz, DIGITAL PUBLISHING REPORT: Welcome

    Welcome and organisation of the conference

  • Bill Kasdorf (Publishing Technology Partners): Keynote: Welcome to Our Rich, Multimodal, Interconnected, Multiplayer, Dynamic Scholarly Publishing World!

    Many find today’s scholarly landscape unsettled and challenging. Speaking from over four decades of experience, I think it’s the most dynamic and exciting that it’s ever been. That’s largely thanks to the dramatic advances in the technologies we use to conduct, collaborate on, and convey the fruits of scholarly and scientific research. The image of the lone scholar in a garret laboring in isolation for years is history. Research and scholarship are fundamentally conversations–first and foremost among colleagues and peers, but increasingly interdisciplinary and cross-sector, supported by cross-publisher organizations, based on broadly implemented standards, and driven by mandates from governments, funders, and institutions. Challenging? Of course. But at the end of the day, for the better. This talk will focus on some of the technological developments that are making the scholarly and scientific ecosystem better than ever.

  • Panel Discussion: Technology Trends in Scholarly Publishing - A Publisher's Perspective

    With Michael Di Natale (American Association for Cancer Research), Cheryl Firestone (American Academy of Pediatrics), Mandy L. May (Association for Material Protection and Performance)
    Moderation: Brian Trombley (Ariza Content Solutions)

    Keying off of Mr. Kasdorf’s keynote, this panel of publishers will discuss their recent application of advances in technology within their scholarly publishing programs, the impact that those advances have had, what they might of done differently, and what new and emerging technologies are on their radar to help further their mission. Please welcome to the stage Michael Di Natale of the American Association for Cancer Research, Cheryl Firestone of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and Mandy May of the Association for Materials Protection and Performance.

  • Melanie Dolechek (Society for Scholarly Publishing): Setting the Course for the Future of Scholarly Communication – Outlook on the SSP 46th Annual Meeting​

    Outlook on the SSP 46th Annual Meeting​

  • Mandy L. May (AMPP): Digital Transformation Driven by JATS, BITS, and NISO STS – A AMPP Case Study

    The Association of Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) is a recent (2021) merger of NACE International and SSPC (The Society of Protective Coatings). What initially began as a centralization of content for NACE International in 2020 became a unification of over 75 years of legacy content from both organizations in standards, conference papers, journal articles, books, and magazines – as well as a path forward for new content. This use case will cover five major elements – structuring content, implementing a taxonomy effort, launching an internal content repository, creating centralized new content workflows, and implementing a customer facing platform for discoverability and delivery. The small staff team knew that it was essential to lean on the best of industry partners.

  • Panel Discussion: Technology Trends in Scholarly Publishing - A Delivery Platform Vendor‘s Perspective

    With Patrick Hargitt (Atypon), Hannah Heckner Swain (Silverchair), Joshua Routh (HighwirePress)
    Moderation: Brian Trombley (Ariza Content Solutions)

    Making scholarly content easily accessible, findable, actionable, and impactful can be a challenge. With multiple points of consumption available to publishers, this session focuses on three of the primary content delivery platforms leveraged by scholarly publishers. We welcome Atypon, Highwire, and Silverchair to the stage to discuss what they are currently working into their respective Content Delivery Platforms from a technology perspective, and what they see as opportunity for further technological advances within their platforms given the rapid pace of emerging technologies and the opportunity for innovation to drive continuous improvement in customer experience.

  • Todd Carpenter (NISO): Publishing Embedding Semantics in an Age of AI

    Publishing is the craft of taking an authors work, improving it through the editorial process, preparing it for publication and distributing it. Digital publishing production processes enhance the author’s text through markup and embedded semantic information. But in an age of AI reading do the machines need this extra step? This talk will explore the role of semantic enrichment of text in a machine intermediated world and how it may need to change.


Der DIGITAL PUBLISHING REPORT liefert Praxiswissen zur digitalen Transformation für Medienunternehmen und andere Publisher. Wir ermöglichen Medienunternehmen, die technischen und strategischen Herausforderungen in der digitalen Transformation zu meistern. Mit unseren digitalen Medien führen wir Publisher, Experten und Technologieanbieter praxisnah zusammen – mit dem Ziel, die führende Community für den Knowhow-Transfer im digitalen Publizieren aufzubauen.

Xpublisher is a leader in the field of multichannel publishing, offering products that enable workflow-centric content creation, content management in a content pool, and automated publishing to virtually any media platform.

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